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Maine Wedding Couples Discover A Truly Amazing And Exquisite Way To Re-experience Their Once In A Life Time Wedding Day Memories!
Matt talks about his wedding videos and editing; "A lot goes into capturing a well crafted wedding video.

It is in the editing that the real magic happens. I once read that musicians make the best video editors and I truly believe that.

As a musician I believe I have a better sense of timing and how a scene should be artistically assembled.

When done correctly music becomes the back bone to any good film production, enhancing the emotional experience of the scene.

I believe as the music builds, so should the emotion, momentum and movement of the imagery and vice versa.

The scenes transitions should be synchronized to the beat of the music setting the pace of the scene."

Refining Fire Productions sets out to make every wedding video as unique as the wedding couple it was created for, creating videos that brides love to watch over and over, again and again.

Wedding couples come to Refining Fire Productions for something truly different and extraordinarily special. After all who wants average for their once in a lifetime Maine wedding celebration.

Choose from highly popular wedding highlight music videos, to highly entertaining flash back style short form films, all shot in beautiful high definition and delivered on a variety of popular formats including social media.
Imagine being able to relive your wedding day set to music in an emotionally charged, cinematic presentation that can only be described by Today's Wending Trends as;
"A Must-Have For Today's Maine Bride!"
"...Pictures are great for your wall, but video's bring to life the memories of a day I'll never forget. My husband and I gather the kids around the tv every October 8 to watch the video and every year we get to relive the wonderful memories your company produced for us. Thank you Matt!"-Lorie Quick
Some 15 years ago, Matt Norton set out to create a Hollywood experience for his clientele of brides like no other.

His goal was simple; make brides look and feel like a star in their very own Hollywood quality wedding movie.

Now more than ever with today's technology His company Refining Fire Productions is able to achieve just that; artistically capturing the kind of footage that was previously reserved to big budged studios.

Matt loves to travel and has been throughout the Midwest and EastCoast as a photographer/videographer and MC, DJing and documenting couples special events.

He has worked on celebrities' personal productions, and created videos for international industries, but he enjoys the artistic freedom and joy of doing weddings the most.
Continuous technology upgrades, backup equipment, hours of editing and seasoned professional experience are all part of the value that you receive as a client of Refining Fie Productions.

When you look at the big picture it is a small investment compared to the hours and money spent making your day perfect.

With Refining Fire Productions on your team you will be the envy of all your friends and co-workers.

Just imagine their reactions when they see you looking like a movie star in your very own Hollywood cinema style music video!

Choose from Destiny, Standard, Celebrity, or Royalty Collections starting as low as $1420 plus a flat rate of $1600 for travel to California and most U.S. locations outside of Western New York.

Perfect for destination weddings!

You can also build your own Collection starting at $150/hour of coverage.

Give Matt a call text or email and ask him to check out your wedding date' s availability

And Download his free PDF on how to get an amazing wedding video.

Don't miss out on what will most likely be your most prized wedding possession.

Call Matt Today! (607) 742-6948

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Flashback Style Short Form Wedding Film
Wedding Highlights Music Video
Wedding Highlights Music Video
Flashback Style Short Form Wedding Film
Extraordinary Cinematic Maine Wedding Music Videos, Films And Photography By
Matt Norton,
Refining Fire Productions
Wedding Photography By Refining Fire Productions
Refining Fire Productions
Wedding Videographer

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