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Telling Your Story Through Vintage Lenses
Entry Level Cinema Camera
Premium Cinema Camera
New Sony A7 series (Currently the best on the market in it's class, out performs many Canon and Nikon cameras costing twice as much). It's ability to handle extreme contrasts between light and dark imagery without washing out/blowing out the image makes it ideal as the next standard in wedding cinematography. A larger full frame sensor increased sensitivity also lending its self well to less then perfect lighting conditions.
With the success of our last two seasons using our new Sony cameras we have decided to retire our entry level Canon Rebel T3i and concentrate on high end productions as has been our goal from the beginning.

If you are looking for an affordable option consider hiring us to shoot now and edit later with a raw footage only package available for $750.
All packages come with rights to make your own copies.

Free Standard Digital Download via Dropbox (saving you on taxes)

*Upgrade to custom engraved wood or metal/leather flash drive. $75

*Blu-Ray - $100/DVD

*Standard DVD - $25/DVD

*Professional custom keepsake DVD or Blu-Ray case artwork. $300

Choose Additional Tools
Drone camera (capture dramatic land scape and aerial shots of your wedding. - $300

Small compact crane. captures dramatic sweeping aerial and low shots indoors/outdoors for increased cinema value. Nothing makes your wedding film look like a big Hollywood production like a crane. $100.

Vintage film lenses offer rock solid quality construction while helping to keep over all production costs down. They are a big part of what makes our services and products so unique. The chemical coatings on the glass produces a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of classic film from the 1940's - 80's giving your love story an almost magical, surreal, authentic film look.
*Cameras: 3 best in class A7 series mirrorless cinema cameras paired with vintage lenses.

*Coverage: full day

*Editing: music video montage, best of raw footage

*Commission rate: $1,000
$1,000 Wedding Music Video Package
*Cameras: 3 best in class A7 series mirrorless cinema cameras paired with extraordinary vintage lenses, Full multiple mic package with back up audio recorder.

*Coverage: full day

Editing: mini movie approximately 15-25minutes long, music video montage, Extended Scene Footage

*Commission rate: $6,000
$6,000 The Masterpiece Collection
*Cameras: 3 best in class A7 series mirrorless cinema cameras paired with vintage lenses.

*Coverage: full day

*Editing: music video montage, short ceremony video revolving around vows. best of raw reception footage

*Commission rate: $2,000
2,000 Music Video Plus Ceremony
A convince fee of 15% will be applied to weddings booked a month or less in advance to cover rush delivery of supplies, rentals, and rearrangement of family and personal plans. Please book well in advance to avoid this additional cost. Thank you.

Extended payment plans are available interest free if desired. We don't want you to have to work over time to afford your dream wedding video.
Additional Fees
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