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Congratulations on your engagement! I would like to welcome you to Refining Fire Productions Entertainment, and to tell you first of all that it is an honor and a privilege to help you create and capture an unforgettable, amazing, and unique digital wedding film that will truly reflect your style and personality. We take that privilege seriously, and promise to make the entire process stress-free and fun!

Your wedding movie will be the most important keepsake, and most powerful tool you will have in preserving your wedding memories, and reliving the experience of this spectacular event. You will have worked so hard to make this special day perfect, so we want make sure we capture every important detail that makes this event unique and totally you; from the personalities of you, and your guests, to the fine intricate details of your wedding gown. We will probably even capture a few things that you will miss, or forgot in the excitement of it all.

At Refining Fire Productions, we love weddings, and are fully committed to providing you with the wedding cinematography package that will meet if not exceed your wedding videography Dreams.

Our mission from the very beginning has always been to provide the highest quality, most reliable, and exceptional wedding video production service to the quality conscious client who demands only the very best. Our business has been built on referrals so your total satisfaction is always our number one goal!

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"Discover How Rochester, NY's Hottest Wedding Videographer Can Make You Look Like A Star In Your Very Own, Amazing, Hollywood Quality Mini Movie!"

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Refining Fire Productions is a family business founded by award winning videographer Matt Norton in 2003, specializing in Hollywood cinematography style destination wedding videography.
We understand that for most people, choosing a videographer is often difficult and confusing, yet it is 2nd only to Entertainment as the most important decision you will make for your wedding. Since everyone claims to be "the best," how can you really know who is good, and who is an amateur, especially when many of the popular wedding review sites are flawed, or getting a bad rep?

For a once in a lifetime event like a wedding, you best start with a professional. Don't take chances with "a friend of a friend." Although people mean well, lack of experience or skill will not prepare them to handle unexpected details.

As good as tablets, camera phones, and their apps are becoming, I still highly recommend you start with a wedding specialist. No matter what tools are used you will always get much better results from the hands of an experienced professional. Hire someone who is a master craftsman at their trade.

Second, take a look at their demo reels. Are the shot smooth and steady? How are the transitions and timing from scene to scene? Are they well thought out and synchronize to the music and what's going on in the scene. How is the audio quality? Does the video have good entertainment value? Does it draw you into the couple's story and the beauty of their special day? This is the time to let your emotions help guide you. Ask your self "is this what I want my wedding video to look like!?"

This is not a decision that can easily be made over the phone. It is important that you are comfortable with your videographer's personality and style and see if they are a good match for you. After all, they will be with you for a good portion of the day. You need to make sure you will feel relaxed and comfortable around them. Pick one that lookes promising and meet with them. If you like them and feel good about what they have to offer don't hesitate to book on the spot. If not, then move on to the next one. In the event of time restraints, due to busy schedules, or long-distance travel, a Skype or FaceTime conference may be more convenient and ideal. As a destination wedding videographer I deal with a lot of couples from different states. Sometimes a phone conference is the only option. If so be sure to have all decision-making parties present, as otherwise precious information may be lost in relaying to a third party. There's nothing more frustrating as a vendor then having their best sales speech never make it to the intended parties.

Check the history and background of the videographer. Do they have references?
Don't make the mistake of choosing a videographer by price alone. If the videographer is not a good fit, but the right price, it won't matter a bit if he or she ruins your video, or gets in the way of your photographer and ruins your wedding photos.

Download our short free pdf entitled "Secrets a To An Amazing Wedding Video!" for more great tips. Not only will you learn how to choose the right videographer, you will also discover how to best utilize your time with them and ensure they don't miss any important details, or events. Why not check your wedding date's availability while your at it too?

When You Understand How Important Of A Role Your Videographer Plays In Your Wedding Experience, You Realize The Fun And Excitement Doesn't Have To End With The Reception! You Can Relive The Best Parts Of The Day In A Whole New Way! We Set Out To Create A Work of Art Equal To, If Not Even More Spectacular Than The Original Event.
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For starters download our short PDF file entitled "Secrets To An Unforgettable, Amazing Wedding Video."
Okay, Matt. Everything sounds great! So what do we do?

When we say it is an honor and privilege to help you on your special day, we mean it. If you are ready for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION, please call me now at (607) 742-6948. Skype and FaceTime appointments available upon request.

We Will Make You Look Like A Star! Packages Ranging From $2,000-10,000

Refining Fire Productions serves but is not limited to the the Following location and wedding venues; Elmira Country Club, Geneva Country Club, Seneca Country Club, Hill Top Inn, Tanino Ristorante, Tony R's, Corning Radisson, Esperanza Mansion, Sarrasins, Corning Country Club, Bristol Harbour, La Tourelle Resort and Spa, Ventosa Vineyards, Aurora Inn, Statler Hotel, Garrett Chapel, The Ginny Lee Café, Wagner Vineyards, Fulkerson's Winery, Glenora Wine Cellars, The John Joseph Inn, Fontainebleau Inn, Lakewatch Inn, Taughannock Farms Inn, Celebrations, Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, Heron Hill Winery, Elmira College, Hobart & William Smith College, Ithaca Yacht Club, Ithaca Country Club, Ithaca College, Cornell University, Sage Chapel, Lawrence Chapel, Norton Chapel, Annabell Taylor Hall, Six Mile Vineyard, The Barn, The Fox and the Grapes B&B, Red Newt Wine Cellars, Belhurst Castle, Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars, Logan Ridge, Geneva on the Lake, Castel Grisch, The Genetti Hotel Grand Ballroom Williamsport PA, Herman J. Weimer Vineyard, Owego Treadway Inn, Sonnenberg Gardens Canandaigua. Also, We will travel upon request.
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* Power Reason #1: THE MOST EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL AND SKILLED. For over 25 years, I have put my award winning Audio/Video Production skills to work, my portfolio includes celebrities and international industries but my best times have been spent during the past 15 years helping many happy couples create amazing, memories in fun, exciting, romantic, Hollywood style wedding movies. I have references and testimonies available and, over 95% of my business comes from referrals.
* Power Reason #2: YOU ALWAYS WORK WITH THE OWNERS. And that's important! Your wedding gets the 100% attention it deserves, and we are extremely accessible by phone and email. If we are not out performing, you will always reach us, and if we are busy, you will hear back from us within minutes of your call. This is how a Wedding videography company should be run. The benefits of working with an owner operated company are unmatched. When it is our name out there, you know you will get the best service, and the best state-of-the-art sound and video recording equipment in the industry, from the latest technics to the latest technologies, tools, and apps.
* Power Reason #4: ORIGINAL AND FUN IDEAS. I specialize in creating highly personalized and unique wedding videos that reflect your style. These special touches go a long way in making your video extra special and meaningful. Just ask one of our former clients who watches their video over and over again. I once had a bride who watched hers once a day for a couple weeks strait.
* Power Reason #3. ORIGINAL CUSTOM SOUND TRACK. One of my biggest passions has always been music production. It is what I attend college for. I started Refining Fire Productions in part to expand my home studio and help found, and promote my music career as a singer/songwriter. ( If you like I can record a cover of your first dance song as well as incorporated original cinematic music themes into your movie for a totally unique Hollywood like experience. With my ever growing worldwide Youtube fan base, who knowers, some day when I am rich and famous your wedding movie could be worth a lot of money. LOL
* Power Reason #5: FULL-TIME OFFICE SUPPORT. As FULL-TIME PROFESSIONALS, during the week, we are available to answer any questions you may have or help you with any aspect of your planning where you need advice.
* Power Reason #6: THE BEST SOUND AND VIDEO, BACKUP EQUIPMENT. As owners, we take great care and pride in our Audio/Video Equipment. Although our unique talents, expertise, and abilities come first, our equipment are the tools we use to perform. We use the latest proven technology for reliable professional, results. Backup equipment is built into each system to help insure we don't miss an important shot.
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